Tenuta Tamburnin Vermouth Organic

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Historically linked to the traditions of Turin, this handmade vermouth is based on white wine, which is expertly combined with pure cane sugar and a fine selection of herbs and spices such as vanilla, rhubarb, chamomile wormwood, gentian before left to soak naturally in alcohol.

Hints of absinthe are accompanied by notes of vanilla and chamomile that combined with the predominant taste of rhubarb make it the perfect aperitif and a great after-meal.


Ageing the selection of herbs and spices macerated in a solution of water-alcohol for 45 days to form an extract of natural flavours. To the extract of herbs and spices, it gets added white wine, alcohol and caramel. After 60 days of aging in steel tanks, the product is filtered and is ready for bottling.

It can be enjoyed alone, neat or with ice and orange peel as an excellent aperitif, or used for the preparation of cocktails. Rhubarb notes make it interesting to be enjoyed at the end of the meal.