Gift Card FAQs

Gift Card FAQs

Do you sell physical Gift Cards?

At the moment we only have online Gift Cards. Physical cards will be available soon.

Where can I use my Gift Card?

The gift card can be used on our online shop at or if you buy wines from our physical wine shop, you can find us at Rear of 360 Little Collins Street, Melbourne CBD. Please check out trading hours.

How do I redeem my Gift Card? 

At the checkout, simply enter the Gift Card code to subtract the gift card value from the order total. You can apply the gift card to any type of product. Gift cards apply to the order total, including tax, shipping, and any transaction fees. If the order total exceeds the gift card value, you can pay the remaining amount using our online store's supported payment methods or another gift card. 

If your order total is less than the gift card value, you can complete checkout without another payment method. The amount applied and remaining value displays in the grey box, the amount left in the Gift Card can only be used to purchase online products. 

Do Gift Cards cover taxes? 

Yes, the gift card covers taxes. 

Is there an expiration date?

No, the gift cards that you buy online don’t have an expiry date.

Can I split an order between a Gift Card and a credit card? 

Yes. If your order total exceeds the value remaining on their gift card, you can pay the balance using standard payment methods. 

Can I use more than one Gift Card on an order? 

Yes. You can apply multiple gift cards to an order. 

Can I use less than the full value of my gift card? 

If your order total is less than the gift card value, you can complete checkout without another payment method. The amount applied and remaining value displays in the grey box. 

Do sale pricing and discounts apply to purchasing gift cards? 

No. Sales pricing and discount codes can’t be applied to purchasing a gift card. However, these discounts will apply to orders made using a gift card.

What do I do if I lose my Gift Card? 

You can click Resend gift cards from your order confirmation email. This link will only work if the order has been fulfilled.

Note: Gift Cards will not be replaced or honoured if damaged, lost, stolen or the subject of fraudulent presentation.

Can I add value to a Gift Card?

No, it is not possible to add value to a gift card, you have to purchase a new one.

Can I set a specific time to send the email with the Gift Card to the recipient?

No, it is not possible. You can send the email to yourself and then forward the email at the desired time. 

How do I check the balance remaining on my Gift Card?

The only way to check the balance in your Gift Card is to contact us at

Can I exchange Gift Card for cash? 

Gift Card sales are final and cannot be exchanged (wholly or partly) for cash. 


  • Gift Cards are not refundable for change of mind. 
  • It is your responsibility to check the delivery email address provided is correct. Vini Emilia cannot be held responsible if a Gift Card is used by someone else or if the gift card is lost, stolen or deleted. 
  • When a Gift Card has been purchased on our website, it can take up to 1 hour for the voucher to be sent to the recipient. If there is a delay Vini Emilia cannot be held responsible. We cannot take responsibility if a gift voucher cannot be delivered to the recipient’s email address because of spam filters, firewalls, or any other factors outside of our control. 
  • Gift Cards cannot be used to purchase other Gift Cards. 
  • If you return, part return, or cancel an order where a Gift Card was used as payment, the refund will be issued in the same way as the purchase was made. (For example, a $20 Gift Card and $20 on credit card would be returned in the same way). 
  • Should Vini Emilia suspect any fraud relating to a Gift Card, Vini Emilia may refuse to redeem the Gift Card until Vini Emilia is satisfied that no fraud has occurred. 

Should you have any other questions please contact us at

Thank you. 

Vini Emilia