Hello wine lover!

We are Matteo, Francesco and Luca. You might know us from Trattoria Emilia... in case you don't, nice to meet you!

Vini Emilia is the wine shop from Trattoria Emilia, a traditional Italian restaurant in Melbourne CBD.

It all started when we opened Trattoria Emilia circa 6 years ago.. we knew we had delicious food, now it was time to pair it with fantastic wines.

Over these years we have spent hours and hours tasting all the possible wines (poor us, such a hard thing to do, isn't it?) to find the best wines to go with our food.

But it wasn't only that... we soon realised that we were searching for more.. we wanted to find wines that made people happy, wines that make you open your eyes wide and go "omg this is awesome", we wanted to search and find nice and particular wines for everyone to enjoy with and without our food.

Now we have that, and it is finally available not only for the ones that dine with us but also for all the wine lovers around Australia like yourself.