2008 Umberto Cesari Colle del Re Albana di Romagna Passito DOCG

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Year 2008

Denomination Romagna Alba DOCG

Producer Umberto Cesari

Variety 100% Albana di Romagna

Alcohol 14.5%

Size 375ml

Serving temperature 10 °C

Type Sweet

Pairing foie gras pâté, blue cheese, dry pastries, and refined with chocolate

Intense yellow in colour with amber streaks, it features a scent of peach and apricot, figs and acacia honey, citrus peel and lightly toasted hazelnuts. A sweet, warm, and enveloping wine with a strong structure that ends in freshness and a light taste of saffron.


Sweet, warm, and enveloping, the Passito (Raisin wine) Colle del Re variety by Umberto Cesari features a strong structure with fresh notes at the end. This is an excellent wine obtained thanks to a late harvest and to the subsequent drying process in a dedicated area, constantly monitored during the barrelling phase. A 24-month ageing in oak  and 6 months in the bottle finish the production of this superlative wine.

A passion that is passed down from one generation to the next. After starting to work with wine due to his passion at the beginning of the 1960s, he has since dedicated his life to vine-growing, specializing in local grape varieties. Starting with few means but a lot of enthusiasm in a moment when quality and locally-grown where foreign concepts in Romagna, he was able, over time, to get others to know and appreciate his wines, especially abroad - so much that he is now considered a sort of ambassador of Sangiovese in the world.


"Our production process includes the value of experience mixed to state-of-the-art production techniques, showing every day passion and respect for a rigorous method that ensures the great quality of our products.

The decision to invest in the most advanced technology on the market proves the vision of a company that looks to the future, that wants to constantly innovate the family’s wine-making tradition, that continuously strives towards innovation and research."