2015 Castello di Ama San Lorenzo Chianti Classico

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Year 2015

Denomination Chianti Classico DOCG

Producer Castello di Ama
Region Italy, Tuscany

Variety Sangiovese 80%, Merlot & Malvasia Nera 20%
Alcohol 13.5%

Size 750 ml

Serving temperature 18-20°C, open the bottle at least 30 minutes before serving

Type Red

Pairing perfect with game, large aged cheeses, baked and grilled lamb

Vibrant ruby red color. On the nose notes of small red berries, with a spicy finish. The taste is full-bodied and intense, elegant and soft, harmonious and refined.


Vinification In steel with maceration for 21-23 days

Refinement 12 months in barrique for 20% of first passage, then at least 24 months in bottle

The art, the landscape, the wisdom of wine have always been present in these places. The Etruscan origin certifies the presence of a fortified village in pre-Roman times.

During the Holy Roman Empire, Ama became part of the possessions of the Firidolfi family. The Castle, which is in the denomination, was probably destroyed in the 15th century during the Aragonese invasions in the Chianti area.

At the beginning of the 1700s, new residences were built on the ruins of the castle, using the same stones. This is how the villas owned by the Pianigiani, Ricucci and Montigiani families were born, two of which today are company assets.

A document from that time (July 1773) concerning a report by the Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo of Lorraine, as Governor of Tuscany, which exalts the high vocation of the hilly lands.

The beauty of the place moved Tomaso Carini's passion to start a new adventure aimed at wine production, involving three friends (GianVittorio Cavanna, Lionello Sebasti and Pietro Tradico) to develop together the rebirth of this territory.

The four entrepreneurs, led by Cavanna father and son, replanted a large part of the vineyards and built a modern fermentation cellar which has become an innovative model for the whole territory.

In 1982 Marco Pallanti, a young Florentine agronomist, joined Ama and became the company's oenologist after a technical training at the University of Bordeaux under the supervision of Patrick Léon.

Lorenza Sebasti, daughter of Lionello, one of the owners, has taken over the management of the company since 1993 and together with Marco they share an evolutionary vision with the same passion, putting it into operation with a work that has lasted for 40 years.

Today the second generation of the Carini, Tradico and Sebasti families is present in the company.