2015 Nino Negri Valtellina Superiore Riserva Nebbiolo Chiavennasca

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Year 2015

Denomination Rosso di Valtellina

Producer Nino Negri
Region Italy, Lombardy, Chiuro

Variety Nebbiolo
Alcohol 14.5%

Size 750 ml

Serving temperature 18°C

Type Red

Pairing food with pronounced taste, dark meat such as beef or lamb, roast or braised game

Typical wine for the whole meal, bright red color, persistent and vinous aroma, dry and fruity flavor.

A very important Valtellina reality, that of Nino Negri is a winery that was born at the end of the nineteenth century, and which since then has best interpreted the unique characteristics of this patch of land in the province of Sondrio. A viticultural reality that in 1986 entered the orbit of the prestigious Italian Wines Group, a fundamental step for a growth path that has always reconciled tradition and innovation as few other Italian companies manage to do. Never resting on the many awards that have always characterized its labels, Nino Negri is today investing in a viticulture of ever greater environmental sustainability. Thirty hectares of vineyards in total, of rare beauty and arranged in what can be considered as some of the most suitable areas of the whole Valtellina. Plots that lead to wines of great elegance and enviable longevity: from Sfursat, the most typical of the area's wines, to a selection of Valtellina Superiore unique for its harmony and finesse. Wines that are the result of constant commitment and the utmost attention to every detail of the production process. It all starts from the work between the rows, in a context where each tile seems to be part of a real mosaic of nature, in which the hand of man has made its fundamental contribution, made up of beautiful terraces. Sheltered from the cold north winds and exposed to the sun throughout the day, the plants are distributed between the sub-areas of Sassella, Grumello, Inferno and Fracia, and they arrive to give punctually healthy, genuine and valuable grapes. In the cellar, the grapes are processed and interpreted under the expert oenological guidance of Casimiro Maule, who has more than forty harvests, and who, season after season, makes available his important contribution, useful for producing simply excellent wines. From Sfursat "5 Stelle" to the "Carlo Negri" selection, from "Ca 'Brione" to "Le Tense", from "Mazèr" to "Sassorosso", up to Passito and Spumante, they are all labels, those produced by winery "Nino Negri", daughters of the most beautiful wine Valtellina. Wines to try one by one without neglecting any.