2016 Damijan Podversic 'Ribolla Gialla' IGT Organic Bio Natural

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Size: Regular 0.75L
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Year 2016

Denomination Venezia Giulia IGT

Producer Damijan

Region Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy

Variety Ribolla Gialla 100%

Alcohol 14%

Size 750ml or Magnum 1.5L

Serving temperature 14/16°C, open the wine 15-30 minutes before serving

Type Skin Contact Orange

Pairing Excellent to combine with various dishes of Mediterranean cuisine, both land and sea. As a pasta we would suggest a porcini mushroom risotto.

The liquid crunchiness. The secret of her beauty does not immediately bloom in the nose, where it hides, but in the mouth where it is released. The thick skin, rich in tannins, gives the wine its own flavor: from dried fruit to soft and enveloping tannins with a long and persistent mineral finish. After a sip you have the perception of chewing the wine. Immersing yourself in the glass and closing your eyes, the sensation increases: imagining walking among the rows and tasting Ribolla Gialla grain by grain.


Colour Intense yellow with golden reflection

Scent Intense and ethereal bouquet, with pleasant notes of herbs and delicate fruity notes

Taste Elegant and deep, substantial but never heavy, with deep and pleasant minerality


Vinification The fermentation takes place in the presence of the skins in conical oak vats for at least 60-90 days

Aging In 20 and 30 hectoliters barrels for 36 months and then 12 months in bottle

Production Artisanal with natural method

Damjan Podversic has always dreamed of bringing his winery to life, based on the love of the land with a natural production that respects the environment.


There are two fundamental figures in his life: his wife Elena, who helps him in the management of the winery and Josko Gravner, his mentor who taught him the technique for natural wine at a very young age and for this reason, at only forty, Damijan Podversic can already boast an incredible experience.


He has always been driven by the desire to recover and enhance old abandoned vineyards, and the Gorizia's hills are a terroir particularly suited to viticulture.

The first small plots of land purchased by Damijan are located on the wooded slopes facing south of Mount Calvario, and today they are part of the six hectares of vineyards on which the company can currently count.


This uncontaminated environment combined with the natural method is perfect for growing healthy and tasteful grapes.


The agronomic choices are cautious and respectful of the environment and the ecosystem to the maximum. Damijan follows the rhythms of nature and the moon's phases for all processes, starting from the mowing of the grass and pruning to get to the harvest, strictly manual and in crates, carried out exclusively at optimal ripeness.


Even the vinification, carried out entirely in wood, follows the lunar phases, slow rhythms and tradition, with prolonged contact between the skins and the must, until the end of fermentation, interspersed with punching down several times a day. The grapes and seeds' excellent quality and perfect maturity, combined with Damijan's inspired hand in the cellar and his knowledge of nature and wine, ensure that the wines reveal the perfume and taste of this territory.


The cultivated varieties are those of Ribolla Gialla, Friulano, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Furthermore, other small plots, partly belonging to Damijan's grandfather and partially rented, contribute to the production of Chardonnay, Friulano and Malvasia Istriana.


The winery is also involved in the A3, a charity project. Every year a different artist creates unique labels for 15 3-litre bottles, the amount that comes from these bottles are donated to associations that help the needy. Corrado Zeni, Giorgio Valvassori and Shinji Ogawa are the artists who participated in this project.


From Ribolla Gialla to Malvasia, from Nekay to Bianco "Kaplja", passing through Pinot Grigio and Rosso "Prelit": all wines labelled "Damijan" tell true and beautiful stories, in the sign of the highest enology.


All these attentions to the various winemaking processes make the Podversic winery surprising, capable of giving us wines of great depth, rich in the flavours and aromas of the Collio.