2019 Valdibella Munir Catarratto DOC Organic

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Year 2019

Denomination Sicilia DOC

Producer Valdibella

Region Italy, Sicily, Camporeale

Variety 100% Catarratto

Alcohol 12.5%

Size 750ml

Serving temperature 12°C

Type White

Pairing Risotto and pasta with meat ragu', red and white meat stew, grilled meat, game

Colour straw yellow with greenish reflections

Aroma very fruity with notes of wildflowers and citrus fruits

Taste well-structured wine with a long and persistent finish


Vinification The grapes are harvested by hand and transported to the cellar in small baskets, where they are de-stemmed and crushed. Subsequently, the decanted must is decanted and added with naturally fermented must (prepared in the previous days with grapes from the same vineyard). Fermentation lasts about 20 days at a temperature of 15 ° C. Subsequently, the wine is aged for the winter and the following spring in steel before bottling.

Refinement 6 months in steel

From the producer


Organic farming as a choice

We inherited cultural knowledge from our fathers and combined it with cultural knowledge. They have shown us the way and we walk it today with a new awareness.

We are convinced that organic farming is not a longing for a past past: it represents one of the most urgent responses to the planet’s imminent future, which depends on the ability to know how to change course.

The land we inherited from our fathers has undergone heavy changes since the post-war period onwards. Reappropriating it is a duty, because it is full of promises that it will only be able to keep if we learn to observe it, know it, listen to it better. To understand what he needs, to feed himself better and to flourish quickly.

Because the land we grow is truly alive.
And to maintain this vitality it is necessary to restore the forgotten equilibrium, paying particular attention to biological diversity in the production processes.

Good soil management practices, agricultural rotations, the rests themselves, are some of the examples that contribute to the creation of agriculture that respects the environment and biodiversity.

Basically it is a simple thought: our nourishment comes from the earth and therefore the more it is well, the better our health will be.