2020 Braida 'Vigna Senza Nome' Moscato D'Asti DOCG

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Year 2020

Denomination Moscato d'Asti DOCG

Producer Braida
Region Italy, Piedmont, Asti

Variety 100% Moscato d'Asti
Alcohol 5.5%

Size 375ml

Serving temperature 6/8°C

Type Sweet

Pairing fruity desserts, fruit, panettone, hazelnut cake, particular cheeses such as Castelmagno. Very pleasant as an aperitif and as a refreshing drink at any time of the day.

Brilliant straw yellow colour, beautiful foam and rich perlage. Bouquet of extraordinary freshness and very varied, among the many notes stand out fresh fruit, orange blossom, rose and musk. Sweet flavour but with a lot of grace, aromatic character of the grape, delicious and with long persistence.


Maceration with the skins for a few hours in a horizontal press and subsequent pressing. White vinification with fermentation in autoclave at controlled temperature for 20 days at about 4 °. At the end of fermentation, stabilization with refrigeration at - 4 °, microfiltration and bottle aging for a few weeks.


Braida is Raffaella’s contagious laughter and Giuseppe’s absorbed expression. A brother and sister whose genes and gestures reveal the heritage of an exceptional Italian wine family. A heritage that they consolidate and expand every day, working hard and sharing its fine fruits with their wonderful team, their home-town, Rocchetta Tanaro, and all those who love their wines.

Braida is the “wood of thoughts”, up there in Montebruna, and the vine rootings lined up and ready to give life to a new Barbera vineyard at Asinara. Biodiversity and production rigour, genius, imagination and respect for tradition.

Braida is the story of Barbera – from the lightest and most carefree expression to the deepest and most sensual – and the unprecedented adventure of the white wines of the Langa, Nascetta, Chardonnay and Riesling.

Braida is the dream of Giacomo Bologna (Build a large, spacious, well-ventilated cellar / and brighten it up with lots of beautiful bottles, / some standing, some lying down, / to be considered with a friendly eye in the evenings of / Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, / sneering at the thought / of that man without songs and sounds, / without women and without wine, / who should live about ten years longer than you) that Raffaella and Giuseppe, with hard work and dedication, have made into a solid, happy and beloved reality.