Frattali Extravirgin Olive Oil

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We have been using Umberto Frattali’s olive oil since well before we opened Trattoria Emilia, both professionally and personally.

We believe it is the best olive oil produced in Victoria. Grown and produced in the hills of Yea. The oil is rich and robust flavour and full of character, just like Umberto himself, who features himself on the label!

We love it and we know you will too!


Frattali Olive Oil 750 ml, product of Australia, made in Murrindindi.

100% pure cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, Kosher and is certified as Kosher-Pareve for Passover and year-round use.

The olives are processed onsite within 24 hours of harvesting to preserve the natural flavour of the fruit and to ensure the quality of the olive oil being extracted.

It's ideal for cooking and with pretty much anything that you can think about, pasta, salad, bread.. and also perfect just by itself!