Smoked Jalapeno Chilli Infused EVOO 100ml

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Unlike other flavoured oils on the market, which are usually obtained by adding artificial flavouring agents to common olive oil, our smoked jalapeno infused extra virgin olive oil is made only with 100% natural ingredients. We start by sourcing the best Italian jalapeno chilli from Lazio and Abruzzo. We then dehydrate and smoke them in a woodfire smoker to turn them into a chipotle chilli. Finally, we infuse them in our premium extra virgin olive oil. The result is an unprecedented tasting experience that is both spicy and smoky. 

Extra virgin olive oil 95%, Dehydrated jalapeno chipotle chilli 3%, Natural flavour 2%.

Ideal condiment for pasta, bruschetta, sauces, seafood and grilled meat requiring a bold spiciness with a smoky note.